Sorry, no Sabine River Pundit Picks Podcast this week

Sorry there's no podcast this week, Fantasy Fishing Insider fans. My 2-year-old son is in the hospital. He's going to be OK, but he needs Daddy at his side. -- FFI Host Greg Huff

I'm attaching a re-run of our 2013 Sabine River podcast. Caveat: Former FLW hammers Randall Tharp, Brett Hite, Jacob Powroznik and Brent Ehrler were not on the Elite Series when Bassmaster fished the Sabine in 2013. Any one of them is a threat to win any tournament, any week. Tharp and Powroznik are especially strong when a shallow bite is likely to win -- as it is this week on the serpentine Sabine system.

Here's who I'm leaning towards this week (my picks -- as of now -- are italicized. I might make an 11th-hour roster change in the middle of the night):

Bucket A: Safe Picks = Todd Faircloth & Dean Rojas; Value Pick = Randall Tharp
Bucket B: Safe Picks = Bill Lowen & Bobby Lane; Value Pick = Terry Scroggins
Bucket C: Safe Picks = KVD & Ish Monroe; Value Pick = Stephen Kennedy
Bucket D: Safe Picks = Cliff Pace & Tommy Biffle; Value Pick = Greg Vinson
Bucket E: Safe Pick = Brent Ehrler; Value Picks = Jordan Lee & Seth Feider

Note on Feider: From Minnesota, he's a friend of mine. I've fished with him a couple of times, both on rivers, which he promptly picked apart and got on fish. I also know he put in the time in pre-practice on the Sabine -- something that the guys fishing the Classic did not have as much time to do. Note #2: Feider finished 6th in the 2014 Northern Opens points race -- one spot ahead of Ehrler and just behind Michah Friazier and Brandon Coulter.