Re-Run: Hackney, Chapman & Short Preview Bassmaster Sabine River Tournament


Note: This is a re-run of a 2013 Sabine River preview podcast. We are running this in lieu of of a current podcast because FFI Host Greg Huff's son is in the hospital and Greg was unable to record and edit a show this week.

Brent ChapmanGreg Hackney & Kevin Short preview the March 14-17, 2013, Bassmaster Elite Series Sabine River Challenge, which kicked off the 2013 Elite Series regular season. Also, FFI hosts Greg Huff and Jason Holmer broke down the Sabine River system in the "Lay of the Lake" segment.

Podcast index:

  • "Lay of the Lake" – starts at 3:10
  • Pro Pointers: Greg Hackney – starts at 16:10
  • Pro Pointers: Kevin Short – starts at 40:21
  • Pro Pointers: Brent Chapman – starts at 1:09:45