Re-Run: Hackney, Chapman & Short Preview Bassmaster Sabine River Tournament


Note: This is a re-run of a 2013 Sabine River preview podcast. We are running this in lieu of of a current podcast because FFI Host Greg Huff's son is in the hospital and Greg was unable to record and edit a show this week.

Brent ChapmanGreg Hackney & Kevin Short preview the March 14-17, 2013, Bassmaster Elite Series Sabine River Challenge, which kicked off the 2013 Elite Series regular season. Also, FFI hosts Greg Huff and Jason Holmer broke down the Sabine River system in the "Lay of the Lake" segment.

Podcast index:

  • "Lay of the Lake" – starts at 3:10
  • Pro Pointers: Greg Hackney – starts at 16:10
  • Pro Pointers: Kevin Short – starts at 40:21
  • Pro Pointers: Brent Chapman – starts at 1:09:45

Sorry, no Sabine River Pundit Picks Podcast this week

Sorry there's no podcast this week, Fantasy Fishing Insider fans. My 2-year-old son is in the hospital. He's going to be OK, but he needs Daddy at his side. -- FFI Host Greg Huff

I'm attaching a re-run of our 2013 Sabine River podcast. Caveat: Former FLW hammers Randall Tharp, Brett Hite, Jacob Powroznik and Brent Ehrler were not on the Elite Series when Bassmaster fished the Sabine in 2013. Any one of them is a threat to win any tournament, any week. Tharp and Powroznik are especially strong when a shallow bite is likely to win -- as it is this week on the serpentine Sabine system.

Here's who I'm leaning towards this week (my picks -- as of now -- are italicized. I might make an 11th-hour roster change in the middle of the night):

Bucket A: Safe Picks = Todd Faircloth & Dean Rojas; Value Pick = Randall Tharp
Bucket B: Safe Picks = Bill Lowen & Bobby Lane; Value Pick = Terry Scroggins
Bucket C: Safe Picks = KVD & Ish Monroe; Value Pick = Stephen Kennedy
Bucket D: Safe Picks = Cliff Pace & Tommy Biffle; Value Pick = Greg Vinson
Bucket E: Safe Pick = Brent Ehrler; Value Picks = Jordan Lee & Seth Feider

Note on Feider: From Minnesota, he's a friend of mine. I've fished with him a couple of times, both on rivers, which he promptly picked apart and got on fish. I also know he put in the time in pre-practice on the Sabine -- something that the guys fishing the Classic did not have as much time to do. Note #2: Feider finished 6th in the 2014 Northern Opens points race -- one spot ahead of Ehrler and just behind Michah Friazier and Brandon Coulter.